Time and again technology companies are reminded that for success their business needs to be defined around business objectives not just technology. This is no less true in the world of spatial information were companies frequently fall in the trap of promoting sophisticated technology rather than identifying true market needs for which they can create products and services from their technological strengths.

I came across a recent announcement about a new service called Go iLawn. In my mind this is a perfect example of a service developed to address a very specific market segment with a percieved need.  Go iLawn is targeted at the landscape services market. The company that developed the service has its roots in the spatial information world and is utilizing high resolution imagery, cadastral data and a user friendly web interface to provide a service to landscape companies that allows them to view the yards of individual customers. With the tools provided by Go iLawn they can calculate lawn area, yard dimensions, locations of trees, shrubs, etc. all neccessary for the landscape company to produce a cost estimate for its customers. Go iLawn provides a service that allows them to respond to customers quicker, reduce costs in preparing quotes and providing services – ultimately leading to a more profitable business.

If you check out the Go iLawn website Go iLawn, you won’t find a lot of information about spatial information technologies – even the GIS company behind the service is only referenced in the copyright and the “Contact Us” section. The Go iLawn website is completely focused on the customers needs and the benefits Go iLawn provides – exactly where the emphasis should be placed.